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Is Porn A Problem For You?

It’s not a problem for everyone, but alarmingly, some men I talk to don’t even realize what their porn habit is costing them, and what it could cost them down the road. 

And there are also some men who know quite clearly that porn is most definitely a major problem for them, costing them…

– The ability to enjoy sex the way they used to

– Time and passion away from their real relationship

– Time and passion away from PURSUING a real relationship

– Productivity dropping like a rock

– Eating away at time with friends, family, and outside interests

– In many cases, major sexual dysfunction like the inability to get/maintain an erection or reach orgasm during love making

– And even sexual confusion, depression, anxiety attacks, and more…

So if it’s costing so much… why not just stop?

Well, it turns out that watching porn can be quite addictive for many men, and like other addictions, it can be extremely difficult to get clean and stay clean.

I saw an article in “The Economist” of all places, where a doctor challenged the notion of porn “addiction” being a real addiction at all… 

My response is that he’s a quack.  

Serious addiction to cocaine, heroin, alcohol, nicotine, meth, and crack all involve the accumulation in the brain of a neurotransmitter called Delta-FosB in response to the compulsive release of dopamine from using these drugs…

Which is exactly the same brain chemistry pattern found for men who compulsively consume porn.  

In many ways, kicking porn can be far more challenging than kicking meth, because with meth, you can stay away from the dealer, you can stay away from your old friends who use, you can keep your house and office clean and safe zones where it’s not easily accessible…

But your computer might very well be a necessity in your life.  It’s always right there.

About 6 years ago I realized that my own casual porn use had become compulsive– that it was cutting into time for work and for socializing.

By then I had already helped dozens of other men through all kinds of porn-induced sexual dysfunction, and I knew I had to quit!

Fortunately I had also gained a lot of experience in helping those men with their addictions (and reading a ton of books and research studies on the subject of addiction along the way).

And over time I’ve refined a very powerful method for reducing or eliminating porn use (based on an addiction assessment, it may be fine to simply reduce for some men, while other men will require absolute abstinence to regain sexual function and a normal life).

Because so many men are dealing with this issue, and because for many men “relapse is normal” (it doesn’t have to be), I’m going to share this method with you in a live, recorded webinar this Tuesday.

Registering also gets you the link to the replay in case you can’t make it live, and registration is $37.

As with my last webinar, because this is a serious issue for some men who might not be able to afford it, I’m making “scholarships” available.

If you know you’ve got a problem with porn, and you can’t afford the $37, please email my assistant Kris@RevolutionarySex.com and she’ll hook you up with a ticket.

Scholarships are honor-based.  If you can afford it, I expect you’ll register through the normal link and support my ability to take time in creating programs like this like that have a narrow but important audience.

Remember: you must register BEFORE the webinar in order to get the recorded replay link emailed to you afterwards.

For Passion,